What’s This About?

Welcome to my website. Here I have assembled assorted writings and photos, and I hope to add to it in the days to come. I’ve now (October, 2016) officially retired from my “working life,” though I continue to live in my family home and care for my Mother, Florence Ruben Smelkinson.

Update (July 2018): My sweet Mom passed away peacefully on July 19. She lived a long and happy life, and many will miss her, none more than I.

I’m also planning a vacation trip in December with friends — some of whom you will have met in these posts from earlier dates — to Oaxaca, Mexico. Since travels make up the lion’s share of the original posts on Greeninker.com, I imagine you can expect to see similar here before the year is out.

Since I recently graduated from my dumbphone to a shiny new iPhone 6 Plus, I will be taking more photos in the days to come. Some I will post here. Others will be gathered on Instagram. Find me at @marsmelk there. There’s little to nothing there yet, but you’re welcome to follow for the future.

I personally enjoy Facebook, and do elect to share articles that interest me and images that amuse me there. I welcome your Friend requests there, too.

Please feel free to comment on any of these posts, or to email me directly at greeninker@gmail.com.

Your friend,

Marsha Smelkinson